A Honeymoon in Venice

We spent the final few days of our European honeymoon in Venice. Venice is known for many things and of course its architecture is just one of the. There is so much intricate detail in many of the buildings, most notably St. Marks Cathedral.

The canals and numerous bridges are what make this city so romantic. And of course no visit to Venice would be complete without out a gondolas ride.

big memory card 1397

I love sparkling wine so I was very excited to visit the Prosecco wine region during our visit. We took a day trip with our own private sommelier. It was our first winery tour and we learned so much. No only did we visit some fabulous Prosecco wineries, we also visited some quaint but beautiful Italian towns along the way.

big memory card 1526big memory card 1527big memory card 1540We ventured to this mountain side stone cabin withe amazing views of the surrounding vineyards. There was a little fridge with wine, meats and cheeses that you could purchase (via the honor system) to enjoy. We grabbed some food and drinks after signing the guestbook before settling into a table to enjoy the view.big memory card 1599big memory card 1601

Next, we visited a country house to enjoy our last bottle of wine.

big memory card 1680big memory card 1692big memory card 1694big memory card 1765big memory card 1772

Bottom Line:

We had an amazing time in Venice. It is unlike any other city we’ve been to. There is romance and charm around every corner making it the perfect honeymoon destination.

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