A Honeymoon in Venice

We spent the final few days of our European honeymoon in Venice. Venice is known for many things and of course its architecture is just one of the. There is so much intricate detail in many of the buildings, most notably St. Marks Cathedral. The canals and numerous bridges are what make this city so... Continue Reading →

A Few Days in Napa

Napa Valley is one of the most beautiful places in California in my opinion. We made the trip to this amazing city during our second wedding anniversary trip to the west coast. We decided to rent a car and stay in downtown Napa so that we were near several restaurants and things to do in... Continue Reading →

A Visit to Richmond and Charlottesville

We absolutely love Richmond. My sister moved there for a few years after she finished medical school so needless to say we have spent a few long weekends getting to know the city. My sister lived in a historic home in the Churchill neighborhood and one of our favorite pastimes was walking around exploring the... Continue Reading →

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