A Week in Belize

We visited the islands of Ambergris Caye and Caye Cauker during our weeklong visit to Belize in 2011. My sister was celebrating her 30th birthday and generously invited us to tag along. We flew into Belize City and took a ferry to the island. We arrive at the Coco Beach Resort and we’re immediately blown away by the property. The grounds were stunning and the multi bedroom condo we stayed in was furnished beautifully.

We rented a golf cart and headed into the island’s downtown area for dinner and some exploring. We even booked a snorkeling trip for the next day. David was very into the street food.


We had so much fun on our daylong catamaran snorkeling trip. We visited several snorkeling spots and even got to swim with some nurse sharks before heading to Caye Caulker for lunch.

We spent the rest of our time on the island hanging out at the resort pool and beach and enjoying amazing food at nearby restaurants. One of our favorites was the Lazy Crocodile. It’s a fantastic barbecue spot open only during part of the year. Luckily it was open during our visit.

At the end of our trip we opted for a plane ride back to the mainland over the ferry. It was much quicker and a great way to see the island. IMG_0731IMG_0735IMG_0737

Bottom line:

Belize is a beautiful country with amazing things to offer – great food, amazing natural beauty and incredible water activities that you can only experience when visiting this place.

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