A Week in the Cayman Islands

We decided to visit the Cayman Islands for July 4th. We booked a room at the Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort on the island’s famed Seven Mike Beach. Our favorite part of the trip was a daylong excursion we took from the resort. We toured the area mangroves, learned about the ecosystem of the island, visited Starfish Point, Rum Point and Stingray Alley. The tour was eco-friendly and our tour guide was extremely knowledgeable about the island, the local vegetation and animal habitats. Our first stop was the mangroves followed by Stingray Alley. Stingray Alley was handsdown our favorite place. We arrived and were completely blown away by sheer number and size of the stingrays that call this place home. To add to the excitement, the guide threw severed fish into the water to ensure they would swim up to the boat. And, once we got into the water, we were given our own bait to hand feed the rays ourselves. There was an interesting vacumme sensation when they grabbed the food from your hands. It was such and amazing experience and one we will never forget.

Next up was Rum Point for lunch and mudslides. The water in Grand Cayman is extremely clear – we even saw a sea turtle swimming by on our way to lunch. The food and drinks at Rum Point were pretty tasty! Plus, we got a chance to know the other tourists that were part of the excursion. We jumped back in the boat and did some snorkeling at a nearby reef. Next, we made our way to Starfish Point. This place was amazing! The starfish were huge – literally bigger than my hand. It was interesting to pick them up and hold them – their tentacles would form a light suction on your hand.

We were sad to learn however that the population had dramatically decreased as people were taking starfish from the water and keeping them as souvenirs. Unfortunately, starfish can only survive for a short period of time out of the water.

We also visited the Cayman Motor Museum which was an interesting place to explore. First off the place was a lot bigger than we expected. There were so many cars – from the very unique to the extremely vintage this place had it all!

Another highlight of our visit was our stop at the Cayman Island Brewery. While a trek from the Seven Mile Beach area, we would absolutely recommend it as a stop on anyone’s Cayman Island itinerary. We took the bus there and back without any problems. We were treated to a private tour as there weren’t any other visitors there at the same time. We learned about the brewery’s history, brewing process and even got to taste their product directly off the line. This is absolutely the best and freshest way to taste beer. We also loved the fact that a portion of their sales go back to the island supporting shark research and protection. We spent the rest of our trip enjoying the beach at the resort and enjoying a few good meals including dinner at Blue restaurant at the Ritz Carlton.

Bottom line:

We loved our trip to the Cayman Islands.

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