Three Days in Melbourne

Melbourne wasn’t on our original two-week Australian itinerary however, with a category 5 typhoon headed straight for Cairns, our hopes of diving the Great Barrier Reef were destroyed. We made the best of if, switching our flight to Melbourne instead. We stayed at the Quay West Suites which made it easy to walk to nearby restaurants and coffee shops.

Melbourne is a vibrant cultural city full of people, art, amazing architecture and amazing food. It is a mix of old and new and pristine and grungy which adds to the uniqueness of the city. After the initial culture shock set-in, we began to take in the city and all it had to offer.

The laneways are covered in street art. It’s not like the street art that you see in other cities around the world – they are true masterpieces. We event got the lowdown from a young kid who was just beginning his masterpiece. Apparently, if you think your art is better than someone else’s, you paint over their artwork and put yours on top.

Some of our favorite stops along our three day visit included AMCI or the Australian Center for the Moving Image in Federation Square. The museum was really interesting focusing on film, TV, video Games digital culture and art. We even got to play a game of Super Mario Brothers on the old school Nintendo we grew up playing.

Federation Square is filled with amazing architecture. The nearby buildings are an amazing mix of the historic and the ultra-modern.

Another museum we visited was the National Gallery of Victoria. This museum was by far one of our favorites, the Comparison of the Two Species exhibit made us so uncomfortable due to the real life nature of it we didn’t even get a photo of it. We also got to see some amazing works by Monet, Dugas, Andy Warhol and several very talented Australian artists.

We visited several Arcades and shops and I must say, we were quite impressed with the local designers and the sense of fashion throughout the city. Some of our favorite stops included City Hatters, Zomp and Degraves Street. We also enjoyed a visit to Queens Park and Chill on Ice Lounge – a bar made completely out of ice!

Bottom Line:

Melbourne is fantastic destination for anyone who loves architecture, art (including street art), amazing food and a super-fast paced city.

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