The Golden Circle

We decided to visit the Golden Circle on our last day in Iceland. We walked from our hotel, Icelandair Reykjavik Marina, to the SIXT car rental nearby, picked up an SUV with Wi-Fi and were headed out for a day of adventure. We used Google maps to navigate (the Wi-Fi signal was strong for the entire trip) and encountered snow, sleet, rain and sunshine during our day long excursion.

Here were our stops along the way.

Gulfoss Waterfall

Strokkur and Geysir

Fridheirmar Farm & Greenhouse

Kerid Crater

We would have loved to make it to Bruarfoss Waterfall but the weather made it tricky. You have to go off the main road to get to it not to mention you have to walk down a pretty gnarly trail. It had been raining/snowing all day so we decided to head the warnings about staying on Ring Road when the weather isn’t the best.

While the Solfar Sculpture isn’t on the Golden Circle, it made sense to add this our itinerary since we had a vehicle. It was an easy stop off of the main highway. There’s ample parking so it’s easy to snap a few photos and move on. It’s really not a place you would want stay very long so stopping when you have vehicle makes it super easy.

Bottom line:

There’s lots to do on the Circle so I recommend doing some research when planning your trip. I would also recommend doing this trip on your own. Why? Because you can explore the sights without the big tour bus rushes. Google maps is a great tool for plotting your journey. You can even use it to plan the order of your stops so time’s not wasted.

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